Exploring visual creativity.

At Modern Design, we aim to bring your ideas to life and connect your brand with your customers.
Reach out and say hello.
We love to make new friends. We welcome new clients. And we enjoy working with fellow artists and artisans.

We specialize in branding

Whether you're a small startup or established business, your brand is the most important thing to us. Our approach is unique: we form a partnership with you. We work with you to give your brand an identity and bring it to life. And then we help you get the message out there to drive your business to success.

We're small by design

The people you meet are the people working for you. We aren't a big-city agency, nor do we want to be! But our experience is. We've worked on some of the biggest brands in the world, and we'll share that experience to make you succeed.

We can do it

Our experience covers the range of multi-channel marketing. We have a proven record of creating sucessful print campaigns and helping create innovative mobile apps. We've created convention booths for major events, and provided sales reps with the tools needed to talk one-on-one with customers. And we're ready to take on your challenge!

We're ready to help you?

Our website isn't done yet, but we're ready to work. Please reach out to us. Conversations are free!

PLEASE NOTE: We are not affiliated with getmodern.co, a company which sells headphones and other mobile gadgets.
For sales and technical support from getmodern.co, please visit their website.

However, we are happy to help you with web, application, and print design!